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Chilling story of how a ‘sergeant’ was kidnapped in Thika after long drive from Isiolo

By Daily Nation

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After driving for more than 267 kilometres from his Isiolo home to Thika, on his way to Nairobi, there was nothing to suggest “Sergeant” Osman Ahmed Omar Godana and his four passengers would not reach their destination together.

Barely 43 kilometres to Nairobi, near Blue Post Hotel in Thika, a black Toyota Wish station wagon overtook Mr Godana’s saloon car and swerved left, blocking their path.

In a matter of seconds, four men had got off the station wagon that had blocked their path. Two came round and trained the muzzles of their guns on the occupants of Mr Godana’s car through the windows.

Two men started banging the bonnet of Sergeant Godana’s car, ordering the occupants to unlock the doors.

Mr Todi, a friend of Mr Godana, who was in the front passenger seat, reached underneath for his shoes, which he had kicked off somewhere along the way.

The man pointing a gun at him through the window, perhaps suspecting Mr Todi was reaching for a weapon, shouted at him to stay still. The other men opened the driver’s door and hauled Mr Godana out of the car.

“We have the man we wanted, you can now proceed with your journey,” one of the men who had pulled Mr Godana out of the car announced.

The 9pm Monday incident happened so fast that the only thing Mr Todi, his sister-in-law and a woman who was carrying baby noticed was that the four men “wore bulletproof vests”.

After the armed men had pulled Mr Godana out of the car, Mr Todi stepped out and asked the men where they were taking his friend.

They asked him to identify himself and ordered him back to the vehicle.

“I stood at the door and one of the armed men came and banged it, forcing me back in,” Mr Todi said.

The “sergeant’s” father, Mr Omar Godana Dida, was immediately informed of the incident and travelled early Tuesday morning from Isiolo to Thika.

He and Mr Todi reported the matter at Thika Police Station but were referred to Gatanga Police Station in Murang’a County.

The incident was recorded under OB numbers OB/20/14/9/2021 and OB/27/14/9/2021 at 5:30pm on Tuesday.

Almost three days later, Mr Dida is yet to receive any information on the whereabouts of his son, who has a wife and one child.

“This is terrible. The police say they have not made any progress and they do not know where my son is. We believe those who took him are police officers. Who in this country can have access to bulletproof vests and move around with such confidence? Only the police,” he said.

Interestingly, both Mr Dida and Mr Todi do not know the exact police station where Mr Omar was working at before his abduction.

His father only knows that he previously worked at Laissamis Police Station in Marsabit County and that he was recently transferred to another police station that he did not seem to know.

Mr Todi on the other hand said his friend had told him on several occasions that he worked in Karen, but he constantly saw Mr Godana in Isiolo.

Nairobi County police boss also is reported to have told the media that they could not tell the station where Mr Godana worked.

Mr Godana’s abduction came barely a week after Muslim scholar Abdiwahab Sheikh Abdisamad was abducted on Turbman road by four armed men and bundled into an awaiting Toyota double-cabin vehicle. Dr Abdisamad has not been seen since.

No public statement has been made by the police regarding the progress of the case with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations only saying they were investigating the matter.

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