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Christians in five counties cut off in-person church worship

By The Frontier Post Reporter

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Christian faithful in five Counties Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos, Kajiado and Nakuru will not celebrate this year’s Easter festivities after President Uhuru Kenyatta suspended physical church services following a wave of the new COVID-19 variant.

On a regular Easter Sunday, Christians would celebrate every single day and spend nights in the church worshipping.

The holidays see many Kenyans pile into crowded buses to return to their family homes in rural areas.

The Interfaith Council led by Nyeri Catholic Archbishop Anthony Muheria in a statement on Saturday affirmed the presidential directive saying that it would affect the Easter celebrations.

“These directives will apply even for the holy celebrations of Easter, Ramadhan and Hindu feasts that fall within this period of restrictions,” said Muheria.

Muheria said churches will not have in-person worship for the period of the restriction.

“Therefore, in the areas where total restriction has been imposed, we will revert to on-line worship,” he said.

This will mean that each faith community will organize to have their worship relayed online for the benefit of the congregants.

The leaders of the various worship services will be allowed to run the on-line service, with the number of people needed for the transmission that should not exceed 15 persons.

“These should not exceed one hour. This is for the weekly day of Worship,” he said.

The same can apply where possible for daily transmissions of worship services.

Muheria also suspended all other gatherings of worshippers for the time being.

“We urge our Religious leaders to help the congregants understand the reasons behind these strict measures,” he said.

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