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Come pick your cards, government tells Kibra residents

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More than 11,100 Huduma cards have remain uncollected at the Kibra Huduma Centre offices for a long time, Kibera Deputy County Commissioner Gideon Ombongi has said.

Ombongi said that so far only 4,400 cards have been collected, appealing to the public to go for the cards at the offices.

“We have 11,197 cards that have not been collected. We have done everything to look for the owners to collect them but they are not coming forward,” said Ombongi.

However Ombongi revealed that there has been confusion in the delivery of the cards.

He said the cards do not indicate the places of residence of the owners, making it hard for the national government administration officials to deliver them.

“The problem is that they brought them without details of the holders’ whereabouts or contacts. Therefore, it is very difficult to trace the owners,” Ombongi said.

Mr Ombongi held a meeting with assistant county commissioners, chiefs and assistant chiefs over the delivery of the cards.

The administrators are required to work with Nyumba Kumi officials to make sure the cards reach the owners.

At the same time, the Kibra administrator said that some youths are receiving payments from the Kazi Mtaani initiative for work they are not doing and will be weeded out.

He said there are people who got jobs elsewhere and stopped working for the government project but are still receiving payments.

“Some went back to school, others got employment even with the government including the Kenya Defence Forces and others were hired by counties and moved out of Nairobi but are still being paid because they are in our records,” Ombongi said.

Chiefs will come up with a new list of the youths working under the initiative.

The administrator said the work will be supervised to ensure service delivery “because there are those that are idling in the streets waiting for the end of the day while doing nothing yet they receive payment”. 

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