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County Minister urges the completion of Sh81million Galbet Road

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A contractor tarmacking the Galbet Road in Garissa County has been urged to fast track the project to avoid costly delays due to heavy rains.

Garissa lands County Executive Committee (CEC) member Habiba Nasib said tarmacking of the 1.8km road was commissioned in October last year should be completed this month at a cost of Sh81million.

“I urge the contractor and engineers to ensure the road is delivered on time‚” she said.

While on a tour of the ongoing construction work, Nasib said that government projects have specific deadlines and any delay would not only be unfair to the residents but there will be no value for money.

“This project is one of Governor Ali Korane’s legacies. We must deliver on all promised projects,” said Nasib.

The County Minister said the road and construction of Orahey market will bring major economic benefits, as well as other government projects.

Ms. Nasib in her whirlwind tour inspected other projects in Futol, Siraji, Galbet and Orahey markets, which she said will be completed as soon as possible. 

She was joined by municipality CEO Abdinur Ole Hussein who warned boda boda riders and motorist to stop using pedestrian footpath or parking on them. 

The foot-paths, especially along the busy Kismayu Road, were constructed to protect pedestrians.

Recently, Governor Korane said the roads will improve the economy, reduce congestion and improve the image of Garissa municipality and urged the public to properly dispose of waste and not into drains where it clogs pipes and causes flooding.

“The municipality has designated areas for waste disposal but unfortunately some residents are not making use of them. Let’s all do the right thing because we want a clean environment.”

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