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Dry taps in Lodwar town over Sh11m unpaid Kenya Power bill

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Residents of Lodwar town have gone without water for more than one week after a local water company failed to pay an electricity bill of Sh11 million leading to a disconnection of power.

The residents have been forced to relying on scoop holes in Kawalase and Turkwel rivers for water as the shortage of the commodity continues around the town.

When contacted, Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro who doubles up as the County Water Executive promised that the devolved unit will fast-track payment of pending power bills owed to Kenya Power to resolve the dire situation.

Mr Lotethiro ordered the water company, the county department of water and the County Treasury to hasten payment an initial Sh5.4 million before June.

“The water crisis in Lodwar is unacceptable. All responsible individuals should work round the clock to ensure water supply is back on track,” the Deputy Governor said.

He noted that public outcry over the crisis could not be ignored, stating that the County Government needed to remain sensitive to the plight of residents of Turkana, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic where hygiene is critical.

For efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery, Mr Lotethiro ordered the water company to pay Sh1 million monthly to Kenya Power as well as ensure the integrity of all its officers in collecting charges from water trucks and users.

Kenya Power’s County Business Manager Damaris Akal promised that power connection to the water systems will be restored once the commitments agreed are delivered.

At the same time, it emerged that delays by National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority (NWHSA) to deliver on Sh72 million Napuu Water Project to provide water to 10,000 people within Lodwar Municipality was also compounding the problem.

From the discovered water aquifer, NWHSA is expected to work on a water pipeline and an elevated tank to serve the targeted residents in places such as Narewa, Turkana University College, Kanamkemer Sub-County Hospital, Lokitela and Ekaales.

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