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Duale threatens to name MP frustrating registration of refugees

By Abdi Maalim

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Garissa Township MP Aden Duale has claimed that a certain politician from North Eastern region is frustrating government efforts to find solutions to genuine Kenyans registered as Refugees.

Speaking at his Garissa Township constituency, the lawmaker said thousands of youths are suffering because of lack of identity cards that they cannot acquire since they are perceived to be refugees.

The former National Assembly Majority Leader alleged that the politician is doing so to insinuate he will be defeated in the next general elections adding that they will mobilize the masses to reject him at the ballot.

He asked the interior Ministry to not allow politicians to meddle with the government process noting that hundreds of university graduates cannot longer do any meaningful activities.

The vetting process he said was through that involved all stakeholders including security agencies and local elders as well as local administrators.

“These children are suffering, they cannot get formal jobs, they cannot pursue education, they cannot even open bank accounts, we want the interior ministry to fast track the process,” he added.

President Uhuru Kenyatta with the help of local leadership had ordered the Interior Ministry to organize a comprehensive vetting process so that genuine Kenyans can have Identity cards.

November last year, the then Interior Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Patrick Ole Ntutu launched a much publicized process to vet genuine Kenyans, recently the government announced that about 14000 people have successfully been vetted and will be issued with IDs.

The delay of the process which was partly pushed by UNHCR was blamed on covid-19 pandemic.

“We appreciate the government formed a task force and people have gone through the vetting but now we know that a certain politician is paying a lot of money so that this process is curtailed,” claimed Duale.

The Garissa lawmaker termed as a selfish interest saying he doesn’t understand why someone will be against development of so many people.

Hundreds of Kenyans registered themselves in the refugees majorly during the 1991 drought that coincided with Somalia government’s fall, about 40,000 people are said to be registered with United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNHCR), locals went to refugees to look for opportunities such as free education, health as well as relocation to overseas countries.

“It’s unfortunate that someone is claimed to curtailing this process, we want to the government to genuinely investigate such claims, because people are suffering with identity cards,” said Hulugho Ward representative

He said parents have heavily invested in their children’s education only to end up being frustrated since their fingerprints are captured at UNHCR.

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