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Forget Uhuru support in 2022 – Ruto tells opponents

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Deputy President William Ruto has hinted at a possible breaking of the handshake in 2022 saying those who think President Uhuru Kenyatta will support them to gain power easily will be shocked.

“You are seeking political support from the person whom you never assisted when he needed you the most, are you in good state of mind?” he said.

The DP said some people like to ride on other people’s effort, describing them as clueless.

Ruto told his critics they can’t feed on what they never invested.

The Deputy President told his political rivals not to deceive themselves, adding the electorate is the one that decides leaders in the ballot and not through an endorsement.

He said Kenyans want development agenda, not incitement.

Ruto said locals want to know how unemployed youths will get jobs, cheap loans and open up businesses to transform their lives.

The DP slammed those driving tribal politics, saying the habit of dividing and disuniting people has no place in Kenya.

The hustler leader said the old tradition of a few winning everything has to change.

He said his government in 2022 will consider the local Mwananchi before any other person.

He cautioned the youth against being misused to cause chaos.

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa said ODM leader Raila Odinga will be surprised how elections go in 2022.

She said the real handshake was the one made between Uhuru and Ruto, calling the 2018 one fake.

Jumwa told BBI supporters that the document won’t pass unless unorthodox means are used.

“You will have to give each local Sh100, 000 but without that, it goes nowhere, ” she said.

West Mugirango MP Vincent Mogaka said the BBI narrative is being used to con Kenyans.

He said funds set aside for BBI should be used for development purposes.

“If that money is brought to the grassroots, each county would sink 3,000 water boreholes, ” he said.

Mogaka said the country was not in a constitutional crisis, adding that BBI is not necessary.

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