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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Frontier counties will experience low rainfall

By The Frontier Post Reporter

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Marsabit, Mandera, Isiolo, Tana River and Wajir Counties are likely to experience below average to no rainfall, Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna has said.

Oguna at the same time urged Kenyans to prepare accordingly for the coming long rains.

On Thursday morning, Oguna said Kenyans should take advantage of the rains which are expected from this week and asked farmers to prepare for planting as soon as possible. 

“Rains for this season may be a bit depressed. However, areas that will experience above average rainfall are; Nyanza, Western Kenya, parts of Rift Valley, Central and parts of Eastern province,” said Oguna.

Kenyans living in disaster frequented areas have been advised to consider moving soon enough to save their lives and possessions.

On locust invasion, Oguna said the government is still keen to ensure the situation is handled.

“Efforts by the government and other agencies have been able to contribute to a success rate of about 95 per cent. From 203 swarms to about three swarms,” he said.

According to Oguna, the locusts are likely to be terminated within two weeks to one month.

On the issue of the pandemic, Oguna reiterated on the importance of strict adherence to the containment measures.

He insisted that the none of the strict guidelines are meant to punish anyone.

“What is better, putting on a face mask or being in hospital under ventilator or in ICU? We all know what could be better,” he said.

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