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Monday, December 6, 2021

Government condemns Governor Ali Roba over security situation in Mandera

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The government has faulted Mandera Governor over his comments regarding the security situation in the border county.

A press statement released by the Regional Commissioner, read that the government regrets how the governor chose to address what it termed a delicate situation.

“Given the sensitive and risky nature of our operations it is highly regrettable that the governor chose to address such and complex national security concerns in the manner he did”, read the statement.

The statement further stated that the governor’s utterances have the potential of heightening tensions in the county and putting the residents’ lives at risk.

“His actions as a leader have the potential of heightening tension and placing people’s lives at risk”, it said.

According to the statement the mutating nature of security challenges in the region has forced the government to review its approach to eradicate the militants from the region.

According to the commissioner’s statement Alshabaab has now changed tact and is planting local operatives strategically in the county to further its agenda of causing mayhem in the North Eastern Region.

This comes 24 hours after the government failed to deal with the Al Shabaab threat. Roba on Friday claimed schools in his county have not reopened because Alshabaab has taken control of the area and was manning the county. He said roads in the county are impassable due to the militants causing mayhem.

He accused the commissioner of laxity.

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