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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Green Faith International calls for enhanced climate change amidst COVID-19

By The Frontier Post Reporter

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The Green Faith International has called for solidarity in the multifaceted fight against the climate crisis.

Acknowledging the link between climate change and several challenges, the Green Faith International called upon all religious leaders of several inclinations, to start climate action by leading their flock to acknowledge the sanctity of the earth.

On Thursday, the world was treated to walks, petitions, declarations, TV and Radio interviews and talks in an effort to make demands, summarised into 10, that aligned with the Sacred Earth Sacred People theme of the organisation.

In the more that 400 actions exhibited in at least 45 countries spread across the six continents, up to 250 high ranking religious leaders lined up in support of the day of action.

The walks were co-sponsored by at least 125 religious organisations, representing more than 100 million faithful, as a way of calling for climate action and justice.

“The only way we build a compassionate, loving and just future is by doing it together. That’s what we began yesterday. And we’re just getting started,” Nana Firman of Green Faith said after the worldwide activities on the day of action.

Some of the calls made 100 per cent renewable energy for all, sustainable, affordable power for everyone – especially the 800 million people without access to electricity, global finance aligned with compassionate values, increased financing – in COVID-19 recovery and beyond – for renewable energy and sustainable food systems.

Green Faith International also called for respect of indigenous people’s rights, no more climate pollution with a suggestion of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in wealthy countries by 2030, accelerated finance and technology transfers for global net zero before 2050.

Speaking in Kenya after an interreligious walk and demonstration to mark the day of Action on March 11, 2021, Sheikh Ibrahim Lithome said congregants must be taught the truth.

“What a powerful day of action! In 45 countries, with over 420 events, we sounded the alarm for climate justice together as one global, grassroots multi-faith community,” said Lithome.

According to the GreenFaith team, a huge sample of high-level religious and spiritual leaders also signed onto the Sacred People Sacred Earth Statement, which mainly made 10-point demands, calling for tangible climate action from relevant authorities within and outside governments.

The team has pledged to continue engaging different religious groups and still work with other stakeholders, including governments, media and policy makers to continue the climate action from the grassroots upwards.

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