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Is Mt Kenya headed for opposition in 2022?

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Come 2022 Mt Kenya will either be in government or Opposition.

After leading this country for 20 years, not counting the 15 that elder Jomo clocked after independence, it can be very lonely in the opposition after Uhuru Kenyatta’s exit from power.

Older Kenyans remember with nostalgia how Mt Kenya trod the country like a collosus when Jomo Kenyatta was in power.

Even though circumstances have changed since Jomo’s and Moi’s times due to democracy and constitutionalism, the comfort as well as ‘pride’ that comes with power is not something simple to lose.

Even with democratic factors that play a role in leadership attainment, it has not been easy for the Mountain to retain power for that length of time.

Infact, when former Mwai Kibaki finished his 10 years as President, few in Mt Kenya and the country at large believed another leader from Mt Kenya could win the presidency.

Indeed, this is why the 2012 and 2017 presidential elections were hotly contested with almost all other regions voting against Uhuru apart from Rift-Valley.

Were it not for the Mountain’s so called tyrany of numbers and help from the system, Uhuru would not have made it to the Presidency.

People from Mt Kenya should not derude themselves about the tyrany of numbers, because this myth was demolished by what transpired during the 2017 presidential election.

That as it may, Mt Kenya still holds the upperhand to who becomes the leader of this country by the virtue of having the highest vote bloc in the country.

Unless divided, this vote strength is a game changer for any prospective candidate seeking coalition partnership with the Mountain.

In this regard, even if it is presently faced by a possibility of ceding power, Mt Kenya has this remaining bullet in its political arsenal at its desposal.

How the Mountain utilizes this last bullet will determine its post-Uhuru position at the high table of leadership banquet.

Is the mountain aware of this or is it moving on with business-as-usual attitude?

My considered opinion is that going by the restlessness that Mt Kenya leaders have been demonstrating during Uhuru’s last term in office, the mountain has been behaving like a rudderless ship.

Whereas Uhuru has been assuring the mountain, many elected leaders in Mt Kenya fear the unknown and are not convinced.

This has also not helped to assuange the peoples’ fears.

It is this apprehension that has led some leaders in Mt Kenya to almost permanently camp at the doorstep, nay, compound of a certain big leader in this country.

Driven by fear of post-Uhuru’s presidency, some of those leaders have thrown all caution in the wind to the extent of prematurely celebrating a non-existence presidential victory.

Those same leaders have been averse to the implications of the handshake, BBI and BBI Bill and cannot discern its promisory note on future leadership for the mountain.

Certainly, the naive to this I hold these facts to be evident truth.

By the end of this year or early 2022, Constitution 2010 will have been ammended to create the positions of Prime Minister and President.

Forget about the other positions of deputies and key government appointments, this is the solution to Mt Kenya fears.

If I am a Mt Kenyan leader, my main preoccupation politically would be how to ensure my region clinches one of those two top positions.

For that matter, i would perish the thought of the current presidential system and calibrates political associations and strategy based on the forthcoming parliamentary system.

It is instructive for Mt Kenya to understand that the momentious incidences that have taken place since the handshake are not by default.

Amidst strong opposition, Kenya is now headed for a referendum to amend Constitution 2010.

Has this happened or to put it in another way, is it happening without design, motive, goal, plan or strategy?

Mt Kenya must watch out lest it misses an opportunity of a political lifetime.

Suffice to note is that constitutional leadership and power divideds will accrue to those whose instincts are tempered with wisdom.

This is the wisdom that Mt Kenya leaders need now more than ever before as the mountain embarks on its providenced journey at the leadership helm of this country.

For this reason, the Mountain leaders must desist from downplaying their importance during this defining moment when the rest of the regions are so magnanimous.

In conclusion, leaders in Mt Kenya must rise up to the occasion and stop playing second fiddle to any leader under the forthcoming constitutional dispensation.

The mountain must see the bigger picture, stop unncessary worries, stand tall and move into the next chapter of ensuring it is not relegated to the opposition in 2022.

This is because the future of Mt Kenya leadership role of this country cannot be written off yet.

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