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Isiolo health workers hesitant to take Covid-19 jab

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Health workers in Isiolo are hesitant to take Covid-19 jab, jeopardizing the County’s vaccination campaign drive.

This was confirmed by the County Health Executive Wario Galma, who said they are concerned by low uptake of the Covid-19 vaccine by health workers.

According to Galma, only 22 out of an estimated 1,500 health workers had been vaccinated by Monday evening.

“Only 22 out of the 1,500 that we are targeting had taken the jab by Monday and most of them are hesitant,” said Mr Galma.

The County health officials believe the suspension of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine in several countries such as Denmark, Italy, Austria and Norway, following reports of blood clot, could have contributed to the hesitation.

Galma said the county had trained 37 health workers on how to administer the jab and that they will train their colleagues.

He also revealed that health officials will on Wednesday hold a meeting with the leadership of health workers to sensitise them on the importance of taking the vaccine.

However, some health workers have registered their concerns about the reported side effects of the vaccine.

“How should we trust the vaccine which has been banned in several countries?” a nurse stationed at the Isiolo Referral Hospital questioned while others demanded that the entire health leadership lead by example by taking the vaccine.

“Some of our leaders are yet to take the jab. If they do so, we will also present ourselves for the vaccination,” said another health worker.

But Galma, who was also the first health official to take the vaccine, assured that the vaccine was not harmful saying he had not experienced any health complications since he took it.

“I have not experienced anything funny from the time I was vaccinated. Our health workers should take the jab as they are at higher risk of contracting the disease than everyone else,” he said.

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