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Joy for mother who has been carrying daughter to school as well-wisher offers help

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It was a sigh of relief for a middle-aged mother who withdrew her physically challenged 10-year-old grandson from school for lack of a walking aid after a local politician offered the child a wheelchair.

Ms Lillian Karimi from Bulapesa in Isiolo North said she had given up as could not afford to buy a cheap wheelchair which costs between Sh15, 000 and Sh20, 000 or higher depending on type.

“I withdrew him a week after he was admitted (in school) because he was struggling due to lack of a walking device but will now take him back,” elated Ms Karimi told journalists in Isiolo town.

Also relieved of the struggle was Ms Rahma Abdi who has been carrying her 10-year-old daughter (in Pre-Primary commonly known as PP2) on her back to school.

“It is huge relief considering that I have been carrying him to and from the school on daily basis as cannot afford transport for each day,” Ms Abdi said.

The mothers called upon other parents not to hide children with various disabilities saying like other children they need love, care and attention.

Another beneficiary, a 75-year-old Judith Kinanu from Kulamawe who has not been walking for the last three years due to abdominal complications can now walk assisted by a customised mobility device (walker).

Ms Fatuma Guyo,20, also benefited with a customised wheelchair which will ease her learning while she joins the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) to pursue course in Health Records.

“I was reluctant to join KMTC as I was worried how I would maneuver in the school but the wheelchair has come in handy”, she said during an interview in Isiolo town.

A total of eight residents on Thursday benefited with the customized devices issued out by Mwenda Thuranira who is eyeing Isiolo North MP seat.

The beneficiaries called upon other leaders to assist Persons Living with Disabilities saying they had been neglected.

“The government should help parents raising children with disabilities because we are passing through a lot of challenges raising them,” said Ms Karimi.

The MP hopeful two months ago distributed wheelchairs to 15 people to ease their movement and enable them access crucial services and seize various government opportunities.

Another group that was promised the aid asked Mr Thuranira to fast-track the process.

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