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Judiciary hosts Assumption of Office ceremony for new CJ

By The Frontier Post Reporter

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The Judiciary will Monday host an Assumption of Office ceremony to hand over Instruments of Power to the new Chief Justice Martha Koome.

The event will be held at the Supreme Court Building.

Justice Martha Koome was on Friday sworn in as the country’s new Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya at a historic ceremony witnessed by President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi.

She becomes the 15th Chief Justice and the first female to ascend to the highest judicial office in Kenya’s history.           

During her swearing in, she said that she is committed to ensure that the independence of the Judiciary is upheld at all cost.

Koome stated that it was her mandate to protect the independence of the Judiciary, while at the same time ensure appropriate cooperation with the other arms of government in a bid to ensure that judicial functions are supported for smooth delivery of timely justice.

“No one should however direct how the Judiciary should decide on a matter would be in violation of the Constitution,”Koome said, adding that each and every person however has a responsibility in ensuring that all are champions for justice.

She asserted that the Judiciary has the mandate to make independent decisions how it hires its staff, and that independence must be protected and reinforced as per the Constitution.

She stated that the three arms must work co currently in ensuring that Kenyans are served justice appropriately.

The CJ noted that the Judiciary and the Executive cannot work together when the chain is broken and emphasized on the need for the Executive to allocate adequate funding to the judiciary.

The CJ who was alluding to the rift between the Judiciary and the Executive asserted on the need for unity and said that reconciliation is key in any Country that seeks to find solutions, asserting that solutions can only be found from within.

“I will  emphasize  on  structured reconciliation because this is our country and whatever is not working we must fix,” she said, adding that Kenyans  must  embrace alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to resolve conflicts even as she committed to do her best to deliver justice.

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