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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Karua launches anti-Referendum campaign

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A lobby group has launched a campaign to rally Kenyans to reject the Building Bridges Initiative in totality.

The group under the banner ‘Linda Katiba Movement’ and led by Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua unveiled a website which Kenyans could sign up to oppose the Constitution amendment drive.

“We are calling for the full implementation of the 2010 Constitution, which has been vandalised, abused, cannibalised and destroyed,” said Karua, who is also the Narc Kenya party leader, “said Karua.

According to Karua, Kenyans have the numbers to defeat the selfish plans by the political class.

“We are the majority, some 50 million Kenyans. Do not show us the five million signatures you collected,” said Karua.

Economist David Ndii said Kenyans must reject the BBI or else they will find themselves in the state they were in before the advent of multi-party democracy in 1992.

“There is a hidden agenda in the BBI. Our 2010 Constitution is being dismantled as we watch, “he said.

Activist Jerotich Seii said Kenyans should not sit back and watch as leaders change the law to suit their selfish goals.

“Join us. Let us form a mighty army to defeat this people, “she said.

The lobby said they would use the website to mobilize Kenyans to oppose BBI as well as organize meetings with activists and like-minded people to champion the same.

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