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KNUT opposes the return of corporal punishment in schools

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A teacher’s union has opposed the return of corporal punishment in schools following the spate of unrest.

Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) Secretary-General Wilson Sossion said that the proposal by Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha to return corporal punishment in schools as a way to tame rising indiscipline was not the best option.

Instead, Sossion called for the abolishment of boarding schools in order to allow parents to have more time with their children.

He said the returning caning in schools will be putting the teachers on a collision path with learners and parents, warning that the move is likely to push learners into turning against their teachers, whose consequences may be disastrous.

Sossion explained that the COVID-19 pandemic period has helped to expose how parents have left the work of disciplining children to teachers.

“We will not accept the return of corporal punishment which will put our teachers in conflict with the leaners. If they want to return it, let them post police officers to schools who will be doing the caning job because these teenagers are likely to kill the teachers,” said Mr Sossion.

Prof Magoha had on Thursday called for the reintroduction of canes in schools as a way to tame the rising school unrests and runaway indiscipline.

Prof Magoha had attributed the rise in cases of school arson and attacks on teachers to the withdrawal of the cane.

“I may appear old school but I think we are at a time when we need to discuss how we can bring sanity in our schools and maybe bring the cane on board once more,” said Prof Magoha.

However, Sossion argued that the indiscipline is caused by parents absconding their duties of instilling morals in their children.

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