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Monday, December 6, 2021

Kutuny: We shall kick out all rebels from Jubilee Party

By The Frontier Post Reporter

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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party has vowed to kick out rebels from its outfit.

This even as, senators Millicent Omanga, Mary Seneta, Falhada Dekow, Naomi Waqo and Victor Prengei allied to Deputy President William Ruto, continue to battle their expulsion in court.

Last week, Registrar of Political Parties Anne Nderitu expunged Senator Isaac Mwaura’s name from the party’s register but the move was stopped by the High Court.

Jubilee Deputy Secretary-General Joshua Kutuny (Cherangany) said the expulsion of the nominated senators should serve as a lesson to those not obeying the ideologies of the party.

Kutuny revealed that those who were elected on the ruling party’s ticket and are pushing for the ideologies of another political party have to be de-whipped.

“If Jubilee is the party which took you to parliament, and you articulate another party’s agenda, why can’t you step down and seek fresh mandate from the people?,” said Kutuny.

According to the lawmaker, the party has started identifying individuals who will replace the six senators, arguing that they will not back off from decision to expel them.

“The fate of the six nominated senators is now sealed. It is now formal that we will replace them, we are going to have a vibrant team which is going to come in,” said Mr Kutuny.

Kutuny, a fierce DP critic, said they will replace all those who have gone against the party.

“We are going to identify people who are going to be committed to the party. We have men and women who are ready to take up those positions, popularize the agenda of the party and be loyal.”

However, Kositany on Saturday said that they will not quit the party and that those who are running the Jubilee Party have resorted to dictatorship, intimidation, disrespecting the rule of law.

“The only active organ is the disciplinary committee which is also a section of the robots and given instructions to expel so and so after the verdict is reached somewhere else and that is what they are doing,” said Kositany.

 “Resignation is an act of cowardice, fight from within, expose them, let them play into your tricks, if we would have resigned, how would Kenyans know that we have evils, dishonesty, tyrants, selfish, thankless people in Jubilee?” he posed.

“If they are men enough, let them call party elections today, we will sweep everything from their fold,” he added.

Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju recently said anybody who feels they cannot continue subscribing to the Jubilee agenda should resign and seek a fresh mandate.

Tuju defended the recent purge that saw several of the DPs allies kicked out of the party, saying circumstances had compelled it to do so.

“When you see us taking action against any renegade party officials, it is not something that we do gleefully. By the time we take action against any individual, it’s because they have created a situation that is almost untenable,” said Tuju.

“We tolerated it for more than a year. We exercised a lot of patience and a lot of tolerance before we made that decision to kick him out,” he added.

Ms Nderitu said if all cases are concluded, the Senate will declare the seats vacant in case the matter is not challenged in court.

“If orders come through, we will implement them. On Mwaura, the balls stop with party, they will decide what to do, if they want to replace him, it is okay but what can bar full implementation, is a court order,” she elucidated.

The DP recently defended his association with UDA, saying since it was an affiliate of Jubilee, there was nothing wrong for him to associate with it.

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