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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

LSK Council suspends President Nelson Havi from office

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LSK Council has suspended President Nelson Havi from office until March 27, when he will defend himself at AGM ahead of vote to decide his fate.

Among the grounds cited by the Council for Havi’s removal are that his style is unilateral in managing society by countermanding the decision of the majority council members and imposing his own.

The protracted power struggle draws back to last year’s stand-off surrounding the tenure of CEO Mercy Wambua in which the majority voted to retain her, but Havi and the three members allied to him voted for her removal.

Since then, Havi insisted that Wambua was removed and would be considered a stranger in the society.

The eight also cited Havi’s ‘mishandling’ of the SGM where the motion about their removal was hurriedly passed.

They also list “failing to act honestly and in the best interest of the society and causing financial loss to the society when suppressing the over 3,000 members from voting online resulting in a disastrous special general meeting that cost millions to hold after illegal resolutions were stayed by the court”.

They accused Havi of abusing lawyers on social media. In addition, they claim that Havi does not possess basic law and seems incompetent in discharging his mandate. His conduct is so inappropriate and embarrassing that he suggests he is mentally infirm, they said.

“… we hold that the president could only do all this due to mental infirmity. Sadly, there are many other uncivilized and uncouth actions that the president has done during his tenure, which actions have brought disrepute to the profession….” the resolution said.

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