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Major boost for BBI as youths promise to rally behind the document


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Some 2000 youth leaders drawn from across the country have declared their support for the process Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), giving the law change a major boost.

The group christened ‘Team One Nation,’ that was hosted by former Mungiki Leader Maina Njenga at his Theria home in Laikipia endorsed the Constitution Amendment Bill 2020.

The youths promised to commence sensitization campaigns, starting with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s backyard, in order to rally the public, especially the youth, to back the document as and when it is subjected to a popular initiative.

They argued that issues that are so pertinent to the younger generation as well as the common citizen have been captured and given due consideration in the document.

Some of the issues that have earned their praise include the extension of period of time for the payment of Higher Education Loans, increment of revenue to the counties and gender equality.

“BBI will address the problems associated with chaotic elections. The proposals therein will guarantee us of our peace,” said one of the youth leaders Job Warui.

Njenga, a self-confessed BBI ambassador, urged the Kenyan youth to reject attempts to be used to cause chaos especially as the country approaches the electioneering period.

He wants the youth to embrace the document noting that it has the potential to transform their fortunes for good.

“We will traverse the country and we will tell Kenyans the truth. We cannot sit and watch as facts are being misrepresented regarding the BBI,” he said.

Njenga further dismissed those opposed to the document accusing them of dishonesty, adding that they should come out clear and tell Kenyans why they are against it.

“You can fool some people some time, but you cannot fool them all the time. We are the real hustlers and we are behind the BBI. Ruto must stop misleading Kenyans.,” said Njenga.

Once passed, he said that the Amendment would make sure that Kenyans live in peace and harmony.

He regretted that Laikipia county was one of the areas that has suffered due to tribal animosity but expressed hope that the document would facilitate peace.

“We perennially suffer conflicts that are ethnically incited. This document will address this issue. Our people must support it.” the former Mungiki leader said

One of the youth leaders in attendance, Ms Annabel Ndilo singled out issues of gender equality as the reason the proposed constitutional changes must pass.

“Women should be happy as BBI will address their issues. As university students we support it because we will have five [percent of county funds as capital to start our business after graduation,” she said.

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