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Mandera clan elders call for end to inter-clan feuds

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The Garre Council of Elders has called for peaceful co-existence among clans in Mandera County

The Garre clan traditional supreme leader, Sultan Ali Noor Ibrahim Sheikh said the local community need to understand that development can only be achieved where there is peace, urging them to end to inter-clan feuds.

“We want peace which will bring us development in Mandera. We need to relate well with each other for development,” he said.

The conflict between the Garre and the Murulle clans has been raging on for more than a year leaving at least two dozens of people dead from both communities.

However, according to the Sultan, both Garre and Degodia communities have since settled their differences and now live peacefully.

“We had issues with the Degodia clan but a solution was found, we need to find a solution too between the Garre and Murulle clans,” he said.

The Garre Clan Council of Elders supports the recently signed peace agreement dubbed Umal Peace Accord between the Garre and Murulle.

In the accord, the Murule clan was fined 150 camels after being found guilty of causing death and destruction of property owned by members of the Garre clan within the contested area.

“The decision is welcome, paying a fine of 150 camels is not an easy thing and it will deter many from engaging in lawlessness,” he said.

In the accord, the Murulle clan was asked to pay the 150 camels in three years with 50 camels each year starting this January.  

The two clans have been fighting over ownership of Yedho village that sits on the border of Lafey and Mandera South constituencies.

Lafey is inhabited by the members of Murulle clan while Mandera South is believed to be home for the Garre community.

“I don’t understand why these two clans are having issues when we are cooperating politically in Mandera,” he said.

Mandera experienced the worst bloodshed between the Garre and Degodia clans between 2007 and 2010 over political representation of the Mandera North constituency.

The two clans got into a political marriage in 2013 that has seen the Murulle hold the deputy governor position, two members of parliament seats and a handful of ward representatives.

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