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Monday, December 6, 2021

Mandera makes history, with first female Chief appointment.

By Moses Ochengo

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Leila Kullow has become the first woman to be appointed as Assistant Chief in Mandera County, since independence.

Chief Kullow, was picked in a competitive recruitment exercise mostly comprised of men. The selection made her go down as the first woman in history to be chosen for the administrative role. She will be serving as an Assistant Chief for Komor Location.

Speaking during the event, Central Division Assistant Deputy County Commissioner Jeremiah Wangilla, urged the new Assistant Chief to get ready for duty in her new job.

He reiterated the Government’s dedication to gender equity, and further revealed plans to employ more women to serve in the local administration, as Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs.

Senior Chief Ali Noor of Central Location lauded Leila’s appointment, and noted the importance of having a local female administrator in service delivery, especially to the women as well as, abating crime in the region.

The residents, led by a local political activist Zubeda Mohamed, also urged the government to mainstream gender equality, particularly in the Chiefs’ appointment. The region has for long been marginalised, and limited women to leadership and administrative positions.

Zubeda further urged women in the county to harness their potential, and fight for more leadership positions in the forthcoming General Elections.

The clan system of governance has been blamed for the marginalization of women in Mandera County. The supremacy of the male-led council of elders has side-lined women ascendancy into leadership and elective positions.

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