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Monday, December 6, 2021

Mandera MCAs pass motion to build offices in two sub-counties

By The Frontier Post Reporter

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Mandera Ward reps have passed a motion allowing the executive to start developing the newly established sub-county headquarters.

In a motion sponsored by Arabia Ward Representative Abdiaziz Dakat, the Governor Ali Roba’s administration has been asked to ensure budget allocations for the development of Arabia and Kiliwehiri sub-counties.

Arabia and Kiliwehiri are the newly established administrative units that lack an infrastructural system in Mandera.

“I am seeking to ensure the county government ensures infrastructural establishment at the new sub-counties in Mandera County,” said Dakat.

The adoption of the motion now paves way will for the construction of the offices in the two sub-counties.

“We only have deputy county commissioners’ offices in these sub-county headquarters but we need more offices for services to be taken closer to the people,” said Dakat.

The Arabia ward rep said that more than a year after the establishment of the two administration units, most residents are yet to start enjoying services.

“A sub-county comes with a lot of goodies to the people and we want the executive to ensure we have enough offices for services to be rendered,” he said.

He said the national government has already played its role of coordinating its functions by establishing the two sub-counties.

“The county governments are   expected   to decentralize their services and the provision of those services to the extent that is efficient and practicable,” he said.

Dakat said the sub-county administrative unit is responsible for coordination, management and supervision of general functions including the development of policies and plans.

“We want enhanced service delivery, development activities, provision and maintenance of infrastructure, promotion and coordination of peace building among many other functions at the sub-county level,” he said.

Both Kiliwehiri and Arabia   sub-counties lack proper   infrastructure and facilities to ensure efficient and effective service delivery to the residents.

The assembly allowed the executive to factor money in the 2021/2022 budget for infrastructure development in Kiliwehiri and Arabia sub-counties in order to strengthen effective and efficient service delivery.

The MCA said development of the sub-counties will strengthen public service programmes and further decentralize staffing units in both sub-counties.

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