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Mandera to review waste management in efforts to cleanup town

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Mandera Municipality together with other key stakeholders came together in Mandera town in order to review waste management in efforts to clean up the town.

This comes as residents raised concerns over poor garbage management in the region.

Local administrators led by Shafshafey Chief Ali Hassan asked the residents to seize disposing waste carelessly and instead comply with environmental regulations as ordered by the County.

The area chief added that Mandera residents will keep their disposal waste until its collection date, saying the move is to make Mandera town a clean and secure place to do business.

He further added after this review the government will put in place stun measures for those who dispose garbage anyhow in Mandera town.

While addressing the residents, Mandera Municipality manager Mr Hassan Noor Hassans warned the residents that their careless action of disposing and irresponsible dumping posed a great danger to their health.

He added that Mandera Municipality has come up with a schedule that will serve all locations in the county.

The Kenya Waste Management Regulations 2006 is among the various regulations already developed that provides guidelines, procedures and standards for the environmental governance to ensure compliance.

The regulations also provide for licensing, monitoring and enforcement of laws.

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