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Mother beats up son for stealing ‘roasted termites’

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A 11-year-old boy is recuperating at Shinyalu Hospital, Kakamega after he was beaten up by his step-mother for eating roasted termites that had been prepared for supper. 

The step-mother is alleged to have attacked the boy with a wooden cooking stick, leaving him with serious injuries on his head and right arm.

 According to an eye witness Benjamin Okalo, he found the boy bleeding and sobbing by the roadside.

“I was heading to the shop when I saw the boy. He was bleeding and in a lot of pain. He shared with me that his step mother had beaten him up after he eat termites that she had prepared for supper”, Okalo said.

Touched by the boy’s plight, Okalo rushed him to hospital where he was admitted.

Musa Kiptem, a nurse from the Shinyalu Hospital confirmed that the boy was admitted at the hospital with serious deep cuts on his head and arm.

“We are monitoring the boy, who lost a lot of blood due to the injuries. He had to undergo surgery since the cuts were deep. He has stabilized and is still under medication,” the nurse said.

Neighbours have demanded the area chief and police to act against the step-mother, whom they claim has been mistreating the boy.  

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