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Mudavadi to Govt: Remove all cobwebs around Sputnik V vaccine

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ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi is calling on the government to clear the air over the controversy surrounding the importation and use of the Sputnik V vaccine in Kenya.

Specifically, Mudavadi wants the Ministry of Health to pronounce itself authoritatively ‘with precision and clarity’ on the faces around circulation and sale of the Russian-made vaccine in the country.

If not addressed, Mudavadi says the issue might send conflicting signals and discourage the uptake of the vaccination programme.

While delivering his Easter Message to Kenyans, the former Deputy Prime Minister expressed concern that while AstraZeneca is a government-sponsored vaccine that is widely available in both public and private facilities, the Sputnik V vaccine remains shrouded in mystery.

“The taxpayer and our development partners have catered for this vaccine and we are grateful for it. The other vaccine Sputnik V is Private-Sector driven. All cobwebs around it must be removed.” Mudavadi said in a statement to newsrooms Thursday evening.

Mudavadi insists that there should be no conflicting responses as to the source and importer of the vaccine. In any case, he says all this information is available on the import declaration forms and can be made public.

The registration of the importing company should be available with the Registrar of Companies,” He said

Ever since the announcement was made that the Sputnik V vaccine had received Emergency Use Authorization and was already being administered at a fee, concerns emerged with a section of Kenyans noting it was purposely designed to mint millions of money at the expense of Kenyans.

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