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Monday, December 6, 2021

Muslims urged to debunk terror tag

By The Frontier Post Reporter

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Muslims have been asked to exercise mercy in their daily dealings as one way of disassociating the religion from the tag of extremism.

Speaking at the public lecture that brought together over 400 youths in Mombasa, Egyptian Saber Ali Shaker said people who go to extreme lengths in the name of Islam were sinning in the eyes of Allah.

“Islam has been mistaken by others as violent. It is not, “he said. The mission from Egypt has been in different parts of the country spreading the mercy message and calling on mostly youth to follow Muslim teachings as espoused in the Qouran.

 Local imams called on the youth to desist from the temptation of joining the Al-Shabaab and other terror groups.

Sheikh Idarus Bahasan called on the youth to engage in activities that would help build their lives instead of being lured by quick money.

“ You have to toil for each coin you get,” said Sheikh Bahasan.

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