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NMS to offer free Wi-Fi to residents

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Residents of Nairobi will soon benefit from a free Wi-Fi connectivity, after Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) announced it provide the service.

According NMS Director-General Mohamed Badi, the project is part of a plan to modernize and improve parks within Nairobi County.

Nairobian’s will be able to access free Wifi in green spaces including Michuki Park, City Park, Central and Uhuru Parks, Jevanjee Gardens, Jamhuri Park and Ngong Road Forest respectively.

NMS has been repairing and replacing streetlights within Nairobi and upgrading them to a smart light system.

Badi’s team has managed to repair 50,000 street lights since taking over the four transferred functions of Health, Transport, Public works and Planning and Development Services.

The smart light system will see some of the streets lights integrated with security cameras and internet Wi-Fi capabilities.

High-Pressure Sodium lights have also been retrofitted into the streetlights.

The smart light control system uses open wireless mesh communication which enables standalone street lighting infrastructures to become hubs for internet. Data from street sensors is transmitted to the cloud through a sim card fitted into a smart communication controller.

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