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North Eastern leaders: The education of our children in Jeopardy

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Concerns have been raised over the future of children from North Eastern regions following mass transfer of teachers as results of insecurity.

Locals have claimed that the government has a deliberate attempt to deprive off their children of their future following the mass transfer instead of securing the region.

In Mandera, there is a shortage of more than 1000 teachers with more than half schools having only the head teacher.

The remaining tutors are finding it hard to teach classes that have been left by their colleagues.

And now the move by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to redeploy teachers in Fafi and Ijara immediately after they were posted to the area has sparked protest in the area with locals demanding answers.

The residents claim that they were posted to various schools following the reopening of schools two weeks ago.

Area human rights activists have questioned TSC’s rationale behind the recruitment of teachers in the first place if they will transfer them immediately.

“Education of children in North Eastern is dwindling by the day with the government’s deliberate attempt to deprive innocent children of their future,” said Muktar Dahir Osman, Garissa based human right activists.

He said they will seek answers to the highest office in the land as to why the region has been made a recruiting bureau by what he termed as an insensitive government.

At least 2000 teachers were transferred in the three counties of Garissa, Wajir and Mandera early last year after three teachers were killed in Kamuthey by suspected Al Shaabab extremists.

The deployment of teachers to other parts of the country caused uproar with one time Ijara MP Sophia Abdi locking Teachers Service Commission’s Garissa offices.

“We are taxpayers, our children deserve an equal opportunity like any other Kenyan, we must be told why teachers were transferred without consultations with local leadership,” she said.

Dr Mohamed Diis Shafat, Fafi parliamentary hopeful demanded to know who ordered the latest transfer of teachers order saying there are no much threats in towns.

He said some places like Bura where teachers were redeploy have never had any terror attack alleging that there is an ulterior motive by the government to redeploy teachers

“These teachers were transferred a week after they were posted, who give such orders, every Kenyan has a right to quality education, must not accept such move,” he said.

Shafat said idle students are ripe to join armed groups that might be a headache to the government in future demanding reassignment of their respective schools.

“There are so many non-locals doing business peacefully while others are working for other departments in government, we are wondering what is wrong with TSC teachers,” he said.

Last year, TSC maintained it will not post teachers to North Eastern if the insecurity situation is not fixed and urged the local leaders to help the Commission mop up retired teachers below 65 years to help fix the current shortage.

“We are asking the leaders of the Northeastern region to help us in encouraging their locals who are trained teachers, to apply for teaching jobs in that region. And to encourage more of their people to train as teachers so they don’t need to demand non-local teachers,” she said.

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