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Pastoralists urged to share grazing zones

By The Frontier Post Reporter

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Members of the pastoralist communities have been urged to co-exist and stop fighting over pasture, as most parts of their regions continue to be hit hard by the current drought because of low rainfalls experienced in the last seasons.

Speaking at a Garissa hotel yesterday, the Kenya Livestock Marketing Council chair Dubat Amey said it is time the herding communities hold peaceful negotiations and agreements on grazing and border areas.

Amey cautioned warring communities that conflicts will only result in more loss of people and livestock.

“We are not animals to kill each other and rustle their livestock overgrazing zones. We need to have a conversation on how we can help each other to benefit from our livestock instead of fighting,” Amey said

The chair urged the government to intervene and take actions against any leader, groups or society that perpetuates cattle rustling and conflicts in these regions.

“There are people who are expansionists and harbour ill motive and if not stopped will create a state of lawless in these arid and semi-arid regions making them ungovernable,” he said.

“The government needs to start discussing grievances that divide them and take honest actions. We also need to move with speed and restore traditional resource using negotiation mechanisms.”

Amey further asked the government to increase the authority of national administration officers to help in restoring the ability of community leaders to manage conflicts effectively.

Speaking at a fundraising event yesterday, Lagdera MP Mohamed Hire urged the Kenya Wildlife Service to let pastoralists graze at the peripherals of national parks as drought effects continue to hit Garissa.

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