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Police disable communication mast in Kapedo

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Security personnel in Kapedo have now disabled a communication mast in Silale Hill, in an effort to flush out the criminal gang in the area.

The disabling of the mast has severed mobile communication in the areas bordering Baringo and Turkana County.

Senior police officers told the Frontier Post that the decision was agreed upon and executed after it was established that the bandits had resulted to using mobile communication and short form messages to plan and coordinate their attacks in recent days.

Despite efforts to foil their attacks, mobile communication has proved troublesome to security officers, with the bandits said to be most effective during the night, staging attacks on security personnel spearheading the ground operation.

Communication providers working with police have revealed that there is increased mobile activity in areas that have predominantly been devoid of ‘permanent’ human occupation.

According to the police, the communication mast in Silale Hill spanning an expansive radius will remain decommissioned until a status of normalcy is achieved,.

“Thousands of residents will have to be content with the lack of communication on their mobile devices until further notice,” said a senior police officer.

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya has assured that the government will protect civilians from banditry attacks and restore peace in the area.

“To prevent the situation from spilling into other counties, we’ve directed security personnel to arrest and return suspected bandits to us so we deal with them,” said Natembeya.

With some schools remaining closed in the area, Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) and the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) calling on the teachers’ employer, TSC to provide risk allowance and insurance to teachers in areas prone to violence.

The Teachers unions on Sunday opined that they will factor the issue of risk allowance and insurance components when they negotiate their next collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

Already several politicians have been questioned by investigating agencies on the ongoing violence after being accused of allegedly funding banditry activity. Nine people have so far been killed this week during the attacks among them three police officers, with major roads leading to the area been cordoned off with movement limited to security personnel.

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