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Politicians could be behind the Isiolo clashes

By Zawadi Mohamed

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Local politicians could be behind the recent attacks at Kambi Samaki area in Garbatulla near Isiolo-Garissa border, Isiolo County Commissioner Herman Shambi has revealed.

The attacks left five people dead in two days which included a pregnant woman and two elderly people.

Shambi revealed that they were investigating concerns by the public that some politicians could have fanned the violence that has spread fear and panic in the area for several days.

“The police investigating local politicians to see if they are behind the retaliatory attacks,” said Shambi.

The administrator also charged that investigations will also be carried out on local administrators and police officers from both counties who are said to have done little to prevent the crime from happening and taking long to respond to distress calls.

The attacks are viewed as retaliatory after a man was killed and hundreds of animals belonging to one of the communities living near the disputed area were stolen.

Several people were injured, houses torched, motorbikes stolen and lots of property destroyed when the group of attackers unleashed terror at the area last weekend.

The authorities are now looking into the possibility of local politicians having a hand in attacks, the second-worst after the January attack at Urura village near Isiolo-Wajir border where six people were killed in less than a week.

The security team believes the second attack could have been thwarted if the first one was reported on time but no report on the incident was made.

Though elected leaders from Isiolo, Wajir and Garissa, vowed to spearhead peace and ensure residents from three counties coexist in January, little progress has been made.

Security teams from both counties visited the area on Monday and held meetings with residents and elders in bid to ensure normalcy resumes and to avert future attacks.

Besides fights to control water and pastures, the attacks at the disputed areas are mostly used for expansionist agenda and to instill fear in the local communities for them to abandon their ancestral land.

Proliferation of illegal firearms in Northern Kenya has been blamed for the clashes and insecurity in the region.

The security team is banking on elders from both sides to achieve ‘home grown’ peace and ensure continued working together between the warring communities.

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