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Raila appeals to Mount Kenya region to consider potential gains in BBI

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Opposition chief Raila Odinga has pleaded with the residents of Mount Kenya region to consider the gains the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) will bring to them.

Raila, in an interview with a vernacular TV station Monday morning appealed to the region not to see BBI as his project and support it on the basis of potential opportunities that it could bring to them.

“Opportunities have wings, if they are not taken, they fly away. I appeal to the region to remove Raila in BBI and see the gains it seeks to introduce in that region,” said Raila.

The Orange Party leader also took the opportunity to persuade President Uhuru Kenyatta political bedrock to get to know the truth about the BBI report and make an informed decision on the same.

He dismissed the notion that the proposed Constitutional changes to bring in a Prime Minister and two deputies will increase the cost of running government, adding that BBI has better tidings for the youth, women, and common citizen.

“What we are proposing will be much cheaper compared with today, since ministers will come from parliament and will only earn allowances for the additional job,” Raila explained.

Raila told the Mount Kenya residents that he was concentrating on popularizing the BBI agenda and not his quest to seek for Presidency saying it will be the best legacy that will devolve more monies to the counties.

The former Premier refuted claims that BBI was his secret card to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta noting that since the inception of a handshake, he has always avoided the campaign talk to give the Jubilee government time to deliver its promises to the electorate.

“BBI is not about me, it’s for a better Kenya which entails bringing stability and a peaceful working environment for any Kenyan without tribe or ethnicity,” said Raila.

He further disclosed that Kenyans will soon get copies of the summarized version of BBI report, adding that the booklets were being published and will soon be distributed to the citizens.

He explained that the current report is bulky and may be cumbersome to many Kenyans.

“There are concerns that many Kenyans are unaware of the content of the BBI document, part of which requires a referendum to implement. There is propaganda against BBI. It is a good thing for all Kenyans. The book is huge and has a lot of issues.

They are publishing a summarized version,” Raila said in an interview.

The ODM leader dismissed those opposed to the BBI asking them to stop spreading

propaganda against his unity bid with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

While defending his handshake with the President, Raila said their handshake deal

brought stability, peace and reconciliation and that this should not be associated with

the failures.

“Those claiming that the handshake stopped Jubilee government from performing its mandate are dreaming, the country was in chaos following the aftermath of 2017 general elections, the country experienced tension and economic sabotage when our supporters resisted some products from some companies but things resumed when we greeted each other,” he said.

Raila maintained that the Jubilee government should carry the blame for failing to deliver its promises to the people and wanted the President and his Deputy William Ruto to explain to Kenyans the whereabouts of the sports stadiums, the laptops, and other promises.

“Instead of telling us how they will help ‘Mama mboga’ and the ‘Mkokoteni’ people, they

should first explain to Kenyans and show them where is the stadia they promised us,

they should tell us whether they have given our pupils the laptops,” posed Raila.

He also revealed that he had been consulting the President Uhuru on various issues

surrounding the country but due to wrangles within the government, no actions have

been taken in regard to his advice to the President.

"I consult and advise President Uhuru on various matters that need to be done but due

to divisions in Jubilee nothing is being done, some Jubilee allied MPs have been the

biggest stumbling block in the fight against corruption since whenever a person from

their side is arrested; the MPs defends them.”

He gave the example on the Arror and Kimwarer dam where he accused Ruto of defending the main suspects.

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