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Raila slams Ruto for being a hypocrite

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Opposition leader Raila Odinga has accused his political nemesis Deputy President William Ruto of being hypocrite and for hoodwinking Kenyans with empty promises after failing to deliver on earlier ones.

“These people have been making wild allegations against us (ODM) that we disrupted the agenda of the Jubilee government. They have been going around preaching the ”hustler” narrative. What I have been telling the DP is that what he is saying is not new,” said Raila.

Speaking on Spice FM Thursday morning, Raila said that his latest criticism of the Jubilee administration was aimed at Ruto and not his ‘Handshake’ partner President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“He promised laptops to Class One pupils who are now in Class 8. And now he is promising them wheelbarrows. I have been responding to the DP and not criticizing President Uhuru Kenyatta,” said Raila.

Raila further accused the DP of making grand promises during the 2013 and the 2017 elections campaigns, including free laptops for Standard One pupils and transforming the country’s economy into a digital one, only to go around the country promising young people wheelbarrows and propagating the ”Hustler” narrative.

Raila, who later spoke on Inooro FM, also took a swipe at Ruto and his lieutenants over claims that the Orange party was to blame for the failures in the ruling party, insisting that ODM was still in the opposition.

The former premier said he has been in the forefront fighting corruption and other government excesses, like the Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal, which he said he brought to the attention of the President before anyone else did.

“I am in the opposition and ODM is still the biggest opposition party in the country. Even on the issue of Arror and Kimwarer, I called the President and informed him of the matter and I am happy with the action he took. We (ODM) have continued to play our role and our Members of Parliament have continued to play their oversight role,” he said.

Raila during the show also defended the speed with which the Siaya County Assembly debated and passed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) document, saying he is confident that the right procedure was followed.

He said the county, unlike others, published the document immediately after the electoral agency sent it to counties and conducted a public participation exercise, before eventually passing it on Wednesday.

“People have their own way of doing things and there is a desire to finish the work. You must remember that when I met MCAs in Nairobi on Monday, Siaya was among the county assemblies that did not show up, alongside Vihiga, Kakamega and Kilifi, because they told me that they wanted to carry out the public participation exercise,” said Raila.

He went on: “They wanted to be number one, and have now paved the way for other counties. We hope to get 24 counties before the end of this month.”

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