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Revealed: What angered Uhuru over Ruto after 2017 polls

By The Frontier Post Reporter

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President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto relationship could have been made sour immediately after the 2017 polls, a nominated MP has disclosed.

Jennifer Shamalla, revealed that soon after the August 2017 polls, President Kenyatta called for a Parliamentary Group meeting where he dished out parliamentary committee slots.

But apart from giving the seats, President Kenyatta was furious that allies of his deputy had already started scheming his succession.

At the time the Supreme Court was still hearing a petition challenging the election of President Kenyatta and his deputy.

“We went to the PG and the President was very furious. Why was he furious? The court case is going on. He said it at the PG that meetings were already being held at the Serena hotel and the for and on behalf of the DP discussing the presidency of the DP,” said Shamalla.

She made the revelations during a TV interview programme on Wednesday night.

She said that the Supreme Court petition had not been rendered and that the President was also furious with Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika.

“A meeting was going on with a clique of people who were discussing the presidency of William Ruto. He had not even been sworn in and you are already discussing about the transition of the next president,” she said.

“What am telling you is what I witnessed. I wish that we can get this information and whatever information that other parties have de-classified. This is what I know at a personal level.”

“I listened to the DP’s interview and he said it was the people around the President. I don’t believe for a minute that the relationship the deputy president and the president had, could be broken by the people around him. It’s possible?, I don’t know because the DP did not go into details. I feel there is something bigger,” she said.

However, Uasin Gishu Woman Rep Glady Boss Shollei a ardent Ruto maverick came to the defense of the DP charging that it was not illegal for any person to start planning to run for a seat.

“I can’t even understand the president having a problem with Ruto planning his presidency? Or running for presidency? Because he is not running again no matter what he thinks. He is on his final term. Why should he be upset that Ruto is running in 2022,” charged Shollei.

“One thing that is clear, is that, that cannot be an excuse. Even if he had a meeting to plan running for presidency, first of all he did not initiate that because it was said by Uhuru Kenyatta himself. There are many videos saying ‘kumi yangu, kumi ya Ruto’. Is it wrong for me to plan my next move, because its only five years.”

The former Judiciary registrar said that even if Ruto was planning to run for president it is not an offense for someone to plan a seat they are going to run for.

“Should that annoy somebody? What she is explaining doesn’t make sense at all.”

In February, Ruto expressed his frustrations at State agencies and operatives around his boss Kenyatta who he claimed are planning to kick him from the government.

The DP said the scheme is being hatched “despite my immense contribution to President Kenyatta’s election victories in 2013 and 2017.”

“Kuna watu wako na njama, ati wanataka kunisukuma kutoka serikali ya Jubilee niende pembeni. (Some people are planning to elbow me out of the Jubilee government),” Ruto said at a rally in Baringo county.

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