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Ruto poke holes on BBI document

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Deputy President William Ruto has poked holes into the recommendation to have more representatives in the National Assembly.

He said the people want to know how they will benefit from having an additional 200 MPs proposed in the BBI Bill, adding that the BBI is about creating positions for a few leaders and how they will share power.

“As we talk about power and positions we must also talk about ordinary jobs for ordinary Kenyans. We must also talk about more resources and creating wealth for these people down here,” he said.

Ruto is now urging the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) principals President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga – to “give the people the document to read for themselves”.

Ruto s as said that he was not opposed to BBI but wants Kenyans to be given a chance to make informed decisions.

The DP who has been on a charm offensive at the Coast, opined that he was not opposed to the document contrary to his critics.

“I have not said I oppose BBI, but I am saying the people are asking questions, come give them answers. Bring them the copies and they will decide. They are not stupid, they will decide,” he said.

While on a campaign tour of the Coastal counties of Kwale, Kilifi and Mombasa, where he held at least eight meetings with local leaders and youth, Ruto poked holes into the BBI programme without out-rightly asking the electorate to reject it at the referendum.

At Frere Town Grounds in Nyali, Mombasa Saturday, he asked those pushing for the BBI referendum to first provide copies of the report, whose contents he said ordinary people do not know.

He said for the longest time now, the BBI proponents, especially Raila have been using him as a punching bag by accusing him of campaigning against the BBI, yet the electorate are yet to read the document.

“Please bring copies to these people because they want to read and understand where and for whom is the Constitution being changed. These people do not want to be told what is in the report, they need to know. Stop using me as an excuse,” he said.

He also criticized on the issue of dynasties versus hustlers narrative which he said his competitors are framing as a class war.

The DP said there is not class war in the country, but a discussion about the poor which he said is currently taking shape.

He said now, in every political forum held by leaders, the conversation has been about wheelbarrow and the hustlers.

“I told you we will change the discussion in this country. It will not be about leaders and finally the discussion has changed. We are happy because every meeting is talking about the wheelbarrows and hustlers,” said Dr Ruto.

Dr Ruto questioned the provision of the 35 per cent revenue to counties as proposed in the BBI Bill, expressing doubt that the funds will be made available at a time when the national government is already finding it hard to provide the current 15 per cent.

“Counties have debts of about 100 per cent; where will 35 per cent come from if we cannot have the 15 per cent? The people want to know if 35 per cent will come to the counties why not do it now because the current Constitution allows it, as it says we can provide a minimum of 15 per cent — which means it can be increased,” he said.

He noted that Kenya cannot be a place of discussions of sharing of power and positions only.

The DP also launched a scathing attack on Raila and his Nasa leaders whom he said are waiting for endorsement from President Kenyatta.

He said Raila and his brigade, who were together in Nasa coalition, are clueless leaders who do not know whether they are in opposition or in government.

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