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Ruto turns heat on Raila for questioning failed Jubilee projects

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Deputy President William Ruto has accused Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga of bringing confusion into the ruling Jubilee Party.

Ruto now wants Raila to tell Kenyans whether he is in the government or the opposition.

“These people who have joined us in Jubilee should tell us if they are in the government or the opposition. They should choose to  stay with us and remain silent or quit because you cannot have your cake and eat it too,” he said.

The DP also questioned why Raila for pressing the government on development, saying Jubilee’s work can clearly be seen.

Ruto told Isiolo residents that the Jubilee government had constructed the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) , 7,000 kilometres of tarmacked roads across the country and the connection of five million Kenyans to the power grid.

“You cannot say you are with us and then ask about laptops and stadia, and claim Jubilee has done nothing. If you cannot see what the government has done, it is time to exit,” said Ruto.

He stressed the need for unity, saying he is ready to work with people from all walks of life as Kenya is a nation of respect.

At the same time Ruto declared that he will not resign but continue working with President Uhuru Kenyatta to ensure realization of their shared agenda and vision for Kenyans.

On Friday President Kenyatta told him to resign, saying one cannot “insult people” while also taking credit for the government’s success.

The President condemned the “petty politics of division and balkanisation” and noted the need to unite the people, not incite them against each other.

Ruto said though he has been relieved of some of his duties, he will continue performing duties assigned by his boss diligently.

“I am a respectful person. When we went to look for votes, we had a common agenda, vision, manifesto and plan for Kenya and that is what we want to achieve. I will continue respecting the decisions of the President because he is the one in charge and who calls the shots. I will not undermine his decisions but continue discharging my roles.”

Isiolo leaders among them Governor Mohamed Kuti, senators Fatuma Dullo and Abshiro Halake (Nominated) and MPs Hassan Odha and Abdi Koropu, of Isiolo North and South, respectively, gave the event a wide berth.

Area MCA Ekwam Teru was the only one out of 16 ward representatives in attendance.

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