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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Ruto woos Coastal people with his bottom-up approach economic model

By The Frontier Post Reporter

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Deputy President William Ruto has vowed to uplift the coast peoples’ standard of living if given a chance to lead the country in the 2022 Presidential elections.

Speaking during a meeting dubbed “Coast Economic Regeneration Forum” held in Kilifi, to which he was the chief guest, Ruto maintained that the economic model he has been advocating has the potential to end poverty among the coastal people and the country at large.

According to the DP, the bottom-up economic approach remains the only viable avenue to address challenges facing by the majority of Kenyans at the grassroots.

“This conversation that we have had for two days was not about us but ordinary Kenyans and their issues,” said Ruto.

Ruto insists that 16 million Kenyans have been locked out of the country’s economic agenda due to unemployment and that priority should be given to tackling this task.

The Deputy President insists that creating an enabling environment for small enterprises will broaden the country’s tax base.

“More people to work and more businesses to thrive will generate more taxes to run our development projects,” said Ruto.

In his charm offensive, and with a clear agenda to win the hearts and minds of the coastal people, the DP affirmed his determination to rewrite the country’s political conversation by focusing more on the aspirations of the people.

In seeking to be the region’s political darling, Ruto disclosed that he was ready to sign a charter with leaders from Coastal Kenya and work towards the realization of the region’s economic regeneration.

A number of leaders from the region present led by former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar noted that Coast leaders had agreed to set aside their political interests and work together for the benefit of the people.

“What we need is sound leadership that will help us realize our full potential,” said Omar.

His sentiments resonating well with those of Malindi Lawmaker Aisha Jumwa who claimed that the region’s leadership will no longer work with leaders engaging in what she termed as petty politics that have no value to the region.

“We want to work with leaders who are alive to the region’s new awakening that focuses on the interests of the people,” She said.

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