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Samburu County government issues quarantine against livestock

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Samburu County government has issued a quarantine order for livestock following an outbreak of foot and mouth, and lumpy skin diseases.

Statistics from the Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Samburu East sub-county has reported the highest number of infections on animals, followed by Samburu North and Samburu Central.

Other parts that are affected include Ndonyo Wasin and Tuum.

Foot and mouth disease is a highly contagious disease that affects hoofed animals like cattle, sheep and pigs.

Affected animals often exhibit symptoms of loss of appetite, reduced milk production, drooling and chomping of jaws.

Samburu County Director of Veterinary Services Dr Boreya Lekenit said that farmers should restrict the movement of cattle, sheep, goats as well as the transportation of their products.

The notice also requires all livestock to be herded as far as possible from public roads. Lekenit, however, noted that there are no reports of dead animals in the county.

“We have not received any reports of dead animals from the diseases but the move is intended to manage reported cases from some spots within the county,” he said.

However, the county government has ordered field officers to map out the most affected regions for effective observation.

Lekenit revealed that the ministry of Agriculture had started immunizing livestock in most affected areas of Ndonyo Wasin in Samburu East against lumpy skin disease.

He said, soon, the campaign will target all affected areas in the county.

“We have spotted some outbreak in several areas but we are going to dispatch our team to the ground to contain the situation,” said Lekenit.

“We do not have vaccines for foot and mouth disease at the moment and long procurement processes are derailing our efforts to contain the spread,” the official said.

According to Lekenit, livestock diseases often lead to massive losses in Samburu annually.

He appealed to herders in the county to observe necessary measures to help contain the highly infectious disease.

He also urged farmers to be patient, saying the county government was doing everything possible to control the disease.

“Most of the livestock diseases are endemic and pose severe constraints to the livestock farmers and can be prevented by vaccination,” he added.

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