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Senior parliamentary staff now to be hired on contract

By Otieno Otieno

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Senior parliamentary staff will now serve on contract, Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) has resolved.

The Commission resolved to scrap their permanent and pensionable terms and instead hire the senior staff on contractual basis.

In a meeting held in October last year, PSC resolved to change and convert the permanent and pensionable terms of staff of Parliamentary Service Commission on scale 14 and above to be on contract for a period of five years and is renewable for a term of a further five years.”

“Under the performance management system PSC scale number 14 and above will sign contracts for variations of their employment terms while the top four officers in parliament who include the Clerk of the Senate and the Clerk of the National Assembly, will sing their balanced score card.

This, the Commission say will enhance efficient and effective service delivery.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi said that PSC is an attractive employer and its only fair that the Commission demands commensurate efforts from its employees.

“Fixed term contract and Performance management will help us keep track on whether we are achieving our strategic objectives or not,” said Muturi.

Muturi who chairs PSC said the system measures performance and ensures every person plays his/her role as expected.

“Performance contracting has proved to be a tried and true method of measuring performance and ensuring every person plays their part in achieving the objectives of an organization. I urge you to take the change positively, I know it’s out of your comfort zone, but we must accept change,” said Muturi.

He said with the adoption of 2019-2030 strategic plan and the new policy direction, Parliament had no option to adopt performance contracting going forward.

Muturi further, said that pillar number two which is excellence in service delivery will enhance services offered to MPs, and will be supported by institutionalizing performance management systems

He said the ballooning wage bill without proportionate returns remain a major concern adding that, “as a Commission we must be people centered. We must streamline our operations to ensure every shilling is utilized effectively and efficiently.”

Muturi was clear that the system isn’t about victimizing others saying assessments must be fair and balanced.

To ensure full implementation, the Commission says it is ready to listen and respond to any teething challenges, develop relevant policies to ease transition, observe fair treatment of all officers, and hold regular engagements with the management to review progress and provide resources to support the transition.

Kenyan Parliament now becomes the second in Africa to embrace Performance management after South Africa.

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