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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Somalia accuses KDF of targeting civilians

By The Frontier Post Reporter

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Somalia has accused the Kenya Defence Forces of targeting civilians in its airstrikes.

In a statement on Friday, Somalia said, “The indiscriminate airstrike that took place on Thursday in El Adde and Hisa-u-gur in the Gedo region resulted in the death and maiming of civilians.”

Somalia now say that the manner KDF is operating in Somalia is becoming provocative and indiscriminative.

“These KDF operations cloaked under a claim of carrying out operations against extremism are undoubtedly conducted in a manner that is bereft of its obligations under the UNSC’s AMISOM mandate,” part of the statement reads.

 “It is becoming increasingly obvious the provocative and indiscriminate manner the KDF conducts operations in Somali under the pretext of fighting extremism will not contribute to the efforts toward stabilising and confronting extremism but only further radicalise communities in support of extremism.”

It said that the civilians under their properties must never be the target of military action.

Somalia added that it has raised the same issue on numerous occasions with the government t of Kenya and the African Union (AU).

According to Somalia, its deteriorating ties with Kenya have been contributed by the failure of the Kenyan government’s inability to uphold the standard expected of KDF.

“It’s regrettable the KDF continues to be under the impression the Status of Mission Agreement (AMA) protects their actions from accountability for the illegal killing of the innocent and the destruction of private property.”

Somalia has now called upon AMISOM to fulfill its obligation under paragraph OP18 of the UNSC’s AMISOM mandate to strengthen uniformity of reporting of civilian causality.

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