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Sunday, December 5, 2021

The majority of Kenyans are against the BBI referendum, the pollster survey shows.

By Moses Ochengo

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A recent survey by the TIFA research firm shows that a negligible number of Kenyans would vote for the proposed BBI referendum.

According to the pollster, about 19% of Kenyans will affirm the idea of amending the constitution proposed by the BBI initiative.

The recent study was conducted on 1500 samples, and 31% of the respondents said they’d reject the referendum, while a paltry 19% would vote Yes. Fourteen per cent of the respondents were undecided, and 18% said they would not vote if the referendum were to be held.

The poll further shows 50% of Kenyans believe ODM leader Raila Odinga is drumming support for the BBI referendum to strategize his presidential ambitions ahead of the 2022 General elections.

/Courtesy of TIFA

The polls research firm conducted the study via telephone interviews up until last week on Monday.  Tifa revealed that Jubilee and Ruto’s UDA supporters are vehemently opposed to the BBI referendum, while ODM adherents favor the initiative.

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