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“This is politics not law,” Moses Kuria tells Otiende Amollo

By Nicanor Ndiege

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Just hours after being kicked out of the Justice Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC), Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo has received unsolicited advice from his Gatundu South MP counterpart Moses Kuria.

Kuria, in his tweet, told Otiende that: ‘this is politics not law’ advising him that politics is a unique field that requires a different approach to that of his legal profession.

The Gatundu lawmaker told MP Otiende that he has himself to blame for his ouster from the JLAC.

“To my fellow congregant at St Austin’s Catholic Hon Otiende Amolo… Next time I call you, come with a pen and a notebook. This is politics not law. Otherwise, you will cry all the way to Kit Mikaye,” he wrote on his Twitter handle.

In a cryptic tweet, Narok Senator Ledama Olekina wrote….’Otiende Amolo! Wachane?’ loosely translated as Otiende Amolo say something, perhaps, a reminder to what he went through in the County Public Accounts and Investments (CPAIC) House Business Committee.

The ODM Party recommended the ouster of the MP from the committee over his bold stand in pushing for the amendment of the BBI Bill before it is passed by Parliament.

In July last year, Kuria congratulated Otiende and his fellow ODM MPs for their appointments to the committee and told them to be loyal to their party leader Raila Odinga.

Kuria claimed their appointment was strategic since they had a task to deliver for their party leader.

“Do not forget why Baba has appointed you to this vital committee- deliver BBI, deliver a Baba friendly Chief Justice, deliver a Baba compliant IEBC and a Baba nominee for Registrar of Political Parties. Stick to your terms of reference and key performance indicators,” wrote Kuria in his congratulatory message.

The ouster of Otiende from JLAC, where he served as Deputy Vice Chair, has fueled speculations on the possibility of the Orange Party splitting.

Reports indicate that Senator James Orengo, who is also rooting for BBI Bill amendments, is targeted for ouster as the Senate Minority Leader.

The two leaders have been accused of planning to scuttle the referendum process by pushing for amendments to the Bill in Parliament.

Suna East MP Junet Mohamed last week accused Senator Orengo of dishonesty in calling for amendments yet he was part of the team that co-authored the final BBI.

The ongoing push and pull threatens to tear apart the Orange Party at a time it should be reorganizing itself ahead of the 2022 polls.

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