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Traders decry losses caused by influx of livestock in Isiolo town

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Small scale traders in Isiolo Market and the town Central Business District (CBD) have decried daily losses caused by an increasing number of livestock around the market and town streets, feeding on their stock, especially potatoes and vegetables hence causing massive losses in the process.

The traders further accused the Isiolo Municipality leadership of failure to take action and protect them from such losses by banning the presence of animals in town and the market, despite the County Enforcement officers being hot on their heels every day as they demand levies from the traders.

Isiolo Municipality Manager Osman Halakhe said that it is true that the presence of livestock within the CBD and the market has caused a lot of pain to the traders and even motorists, with some accidents being caused by the same animals.

“We see many, especially our political opponents swallowed it hook line and sinker. They came out guns blazing, frothing at the mouth, at an April fools misdirection. You need to lighten up, friends. It’s never that serious.” He added.

He further noted that his office has received formal complaints from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, bank branch managers and even motorists, who say that the animals are interrupting normal operations within the CBD Streets and the market as well.

Halakhe issued a 14 days notice for the livestock owners to get them out of town and the market, failure to which the animals will be forcefully captured and detained so that the owners pay for losses caused.

Jarso Aro, an official at the Isiolo Environmental and Social Safeguard Unit said that the matter will be dealt with conclusively in the next one week as the department strategises with National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), Public Health Officials and the Isiolo Municipality leadership to get rid of the menace, adding that there was adequate legislation already in place to address the challenge once and for all.

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