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We shall buy directly from you, Meat commission tells Garissa farmers

By The Frontier Post Reporter

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Garissa livestock farmers have a reason to smile after the Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) announced a livestock procurement plan that will see them sell their products directly to the meat body at competitive prices.

Speaking on Saturday during a farmers’ meeting on the plan at a hotel, Garissa director of livestock Haret Hambe said KMC would present a ready market that offering competitive prices for meat.

“KMC is going to be a big market for our farmers in this region. They will purchase our livestock and pay for them based on their live weight. The money will be in your bank accounts within three days,” Hambe said

KMC team leader Lt Col Martin Maluki, pricing for bulls and steers of 350kg live weight or more will fetch Sh180 per kilo while a cow of the same weight will sell for Sh170 per kilo.

KMC will only accept cattle of a minimum live weight of 180kg to 200kg, paying Sh150 per kilo for bulls and Sh140kg per cow.

Lt Col Martin Maluki and Garissa county director of Livestoc Haret Hambe listen to livestock farmers during a one-day sensitisation meeting on the new KMC procurement plan for Garissa on Saturday, May 1/

Lt Col Maluki said only goats and sheep weighing at least 20kg will be accepted, with the prices for he-goats at Sh220 per kg and she goats at Sh 210 per kg. Male sheep will fetch Sh210 per kg while females will go for Sh200.

Maluki said since the military took over operations at KMC, the Athi River abattoir has been renovated and its capacity increased from seven cows a day to 200 per day.

He added that KMC’s Kibarani is also under renovation and plans to export beef.

Kenya Livestock Marketing Council chair Dubat Ali Amey appealed to farmers to take advantage of sales to KMC.

Amey said the council was liaising with the county livestock department to assist farmers rearing the best animals for the best prices.

“This is a great milestone for livestock farmers. We will hold more meetings to review these prices. With this programme, even during the dry seasons we can still sell our livestock that would be used for canned meat,” Amey said.

He asked the government to form a Livestock Marketing Board to create ways of making livestock farming an economic mainstay.

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