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Why elders are opposed to Muturi’s coronation

By Otieno Kwach

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A section of elders from Mt Kenya have dismissed the coronation of National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi as Mt Kenya spokesman.

This even as Mbeere South MP Geoffrey King’ang’i rallied behind a decision by GEMA elders to crown Muturi as the spokesperson of the Agikuyu community.

Already the elders have conducted a cleansing ceremony of Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga shrine to nullify Muturi’s crowning saying that the ceremony was abused.

The cleansing ceremony came barely two weeks after Muturi was crowned as spokesperson of GEMA communities in the shrine located in Murang’a.

The elders said during the coronation of Muturi, individuals including those not allowed in the shrine entered the sacred place, something which was an abuse to the shrine.

Speaking after the cleansing ceremony, Dominic Ng’era said it was not right for Speaker Muturi to be installed as spokesperson in the shrine which is purposely used for traditional prayers.

The elders asked the county government to be custodian of the shrine and ensure people who enter the shrine are only the allowed persons.

The cleansing was done by elders drawn from Kiama Kia-ma and the Kikuyu Council of Elders.

Chairman of Kiama Kia-ma Ndungu Gaithuma condemned those who crowned Muturi saying the spokesperson of Mount Kenya is President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The elders after cleansing the shrine, gathered at Mumbi grounds in Murang’a town for prayers, an occasion that was attended by Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria.

Wa Ira said as Kikuyu community they only recognize the president as their leader and spokesperson dismissing installation of Muturi.

However, Col (Rtd) Kingángí insists that the decision was in the best interest of Central Kenya, adding that Muturi is the right person to assume the kingship of the region after President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I want to say categorically that we support the coronation of Speaker Muturi as our spokesperson. JB is not just an ordinary Kenyan he competently heads a top arm of the government and even in Central region besides President Kenyatta he is the second most senior politician who commands huge respect and inspiration,” he said.

 “We vehemently support his Kingship because he is not only the most qualified but also, he means well for Kenyans.”

The soft-spoken legislator told off those opposed to Muturi’s coronation saying their arguments are old fashioned and do not hold sway.

The MP spoke shortly after wa Iria led a cleansing ceremony of Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga shrine where the coronation of Muturi took place.

Wa Iria maintains that the rituals conducted at the shrine could have negative consequences and that they have to be undone as soon as possible.

“What governor Wa Iria and other few leaders are doing is completely inconsequential and it will turn to be embarrassing to themselves. That is individual thinking which necessarily don’t reflect the will of the majority hence people should not pay attention to such shenanigans. The people have spoken. When we visit their holy places they want to cleanse it unlike whenever they seek our votes,” said King’ang’i.

Already a section of Mt Kenya East politicians led by Meru governor Kiraitu Murungi have fronted Muturi as President Kenyatta’s successor in the region, adding that Mt. Kenya must sit at the political high table where the destiny of the nation will be negotiated.

They stressed that it’s important to have a trusted pair of hands and a man who believes in fairness.

“He has a lot of experience. I will support him. I will also look for other governors to support him. We as the people of Mount Kenya are many but we have lost our voice. From interacting with members of parliament on a daily basis all over the country for a number of years goes to show he is qualified over the rest,” noted Kiraitu.

The former magistrate and Member of Parliament has not ruled out the possibility to present himself for the country’s presidency in the coming elections after a 30-year illustrious career.

“I have enjoyed a beautiful career for the last three decades. From a remarkable career in the Judiciary, making a political debut before I was 40 years. My leadership journey has had its ups and downs. And even as the 12th Parliament comes to an end next year, I look forward to assume any other leadership position that may come my way” Muturi recently remarked.

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