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Why Korane, Nathif supporters clashed

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Drama ensued at the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) popularization in Garissa following clashes of supporters of Garissa Governor Ali Korane and his arch political rival and former Governor Nathif Jama.

This was after the incumbent Governor made a statement in the morning warning his predecessor not to set foot at the BBI rally saying he will be held personally responsible should the meeting be disrupted.

“We know he was involved in causing mayhem in the last Building Bridges Initiative rally, we are warning him if he dares step there we will follow him to his house should there be fracas,” he said earlier while inspecting burnt Garissa county assembly.

Following the remarks, hundreds of Jama supporters came in large numbers to the Garissa primary playground where the rally was taking place.

The BBI event was being presided over by Kanu Chairman Gideon Moi and other leaders who urged locals to support the initiative born out of a handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

When Former Governor Nathif Jama made his entrance at the rally, the supporters burst in joy while Korane’s supporters attempted to block him from accessing the podium.

This culminated in pull and shove as some started chucking sand to the crowd as the Kanu leader and other dignitaries watched in awe. Police moved in quickly to save the situation, Jama was eventually given a seat behind Gideon Moi.

The atmosphere at the rally was tense with one time supporters engaging in physical fights before intervention of police, the officers had literally stood in between the supporters.

Speaker after speaker reiterated politics of tolerance saying everyone should be allowed to sell his policies in peace.

“Today, we have a guest, let us not embarrass ourselves by bringing out petty politics here,” said Lagdera Member of Parliament Mohamed Hire.

The MP said the region has serious ther challenges including border disputes, terrorism, and drought amongst other noting that fighting over politics should never be the least of problems.

The former Governor Nathif Jama took a swipe at Governor Ali Korane saying remarks he made can have devastating effects on people saying BBI’s aimed to bring together everyone.

“My party wiper is part and parcel of the BBI and no one can dare block me, he should be cautious when making statements, we know he is panicking and yet we have time to the elections,” he said in a separate press statement.

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